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Robin Bates Dog Training is a network of puppy and dog training classes in venues across Ireland; owned and managed by expert dog trainer Robin Bates.

Meet the Robin Bates Dog Training Team

Robin Bates

Meet Robin

Robin has been training puppies and dogs for over 15 years and is considered a leading expert in dog behaviour and training. He started training his Airedale terrier, Cassie, in a dog club and after a few years became an instructor. He was later part of the Northern Ireland Obedience Team and competed in Crufts with his Airedale terrier Poppy.

As well as teaching, Robin is also constantly learning new skills and attends courses and conferences. Last year he attended the Woof conference. Robin takes his professional development seriously and is a member of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), PPG (Pet Professional Guild), Intodogs, and ISCP (International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour).

Currently, Robin runs puppy and adult dog training classes in the Belfast area as well as specialised classes for scent-work, reactive dogs, and enrichment.

Robin also works on a one-to-one basis to help dogs experiencing behavioural problems and runs an OCN NI Level 3 course “The Principles of Dog Training” alongside fellow behaviourist Sandra Gilliland.

Committed to the welfare of dogs and passionate about their care, Robin has been a dog walker, managed dog kennels and worked in Mid Antrim Animal sanctuary.

He owns three dogs Maggie a lurcher, Bill a lab/collie cross and Jake a yorkie, all rescued and not forgetting Syd the cat.

Alison Matthews of Virtuali Admin Solutions

Meet Alison Matthews

Alison Matthews is a Virtual assistant and the owner of VirtuAli Administrative Solutions

She helps business owners streamline and automate parts of their business so they can work more efficiently and have more time to concentrate on the big things.

Alison has been integral in helping to build the systems behind the Robin Bates Dog Training
franchise setup.

Since January 2021 she has been the owner of 2 wired haired dachshunds who love nothing more than burrowing and snuggling together!

Jayne Connor

Meet Jayne Connor

Jayne is Robin's right hand woman and is involved with online shop orders, one to one training and 5 week class organisation.

Jayne is a cat owner though we wont hold that against her as we love all animals here at Robin Bates Dog Training!