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Paws and Play' Masterclass- the ultimate dynamic doggie enrichment workshop designed to delight both dogs and their devoted owners! 🐾

Do you want to learn ways to soothe your dog and keep them mentally active so they aren't showing 'bad' behaviour such as ripping up your favourite cushions, digging up your favourite plants or generally being bold?

Depending on the age, breed and personality of your dog it may not want walks every day but still needs a lot of mental stimulation which is just as important for our canine companions as it us for us humans!

We call this mental enrichment and it's a good way to boost your dog's confidence and great mental exercise to get you both off the sofa!

🐾Join us for a tail-wagging good time at 'Paws and Play' Masterclass- the ultimate dynamic doggie enrichment workshop designed to delight both dogs and their devoted owners! 🐾

Why join?

Do you want to learn why mental stimulation is so important?

Do you want to bond with your dog and get to know it better?

I will show you during this masterclass some simple enrichment exercises which

  • can be practised inside or outside weather dependant but is especially good at this time of the year to beat the winters blues!

  • enrichment toys you can make yourself from household items

Paws and Play: A Dynamic Doggie Enrichment Workshop for Canine Companions and Their Humans"

Wednesday 8th November 17:30-18:30 online via Zoom.

🌟 What to Expect:

  • Engaging Enrichment Activities: Stimulate your pup's mind with puzzles, games, and sensory adventures.

  • Bond-Building Fun: Strengthen the special connection between you and your four-legged companion.

  • Expert Tips and Tricks: Learn from seasoned trainers and enrichment specialists.

  • Canine Community: Connect with fellow dog lovers and share experiences.

🐶 Who Should Attend:

  • Dog owners of all experience levels.

  • Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages (puppies and seniors welcome!).

  • Anyone looking to add excitement and mental stimulation to their dog's routine.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your beloved fur baby. Grab your tickets now, and let the tail-wagging adventures begin! 🎉🐾

For inquiries, contact us at

You can see an example of me here using enrichment toys with these 3 lovelies

We will have time for a Q&A session at the end and will give you access to a free resource to help you train your dog.

A replay will be available if you can’t attend live or are in a different time zone

The price of this workshop is £45 but did you know if you sign up with monthly membership plan to our Happy and Healthy Dog you will get it as part of your monthly workshop plan along with other benefits such as:

  • Access to our library of ever involving monthly content (videos/articles/pdf resources) tailored to your needs

  • Bi-Weekly live Q&A session with Robin

  • Monthly workshop on canine topics

  • Training demonstration videos

  • A private online community where you can connect with other dog lovers and share tips and advice

  • Affordable price

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See you and your pawsome pals there!

Who is your host for this masterclass?

If you who don’t know me already my name is Robin Bates, I am a dog behaviourist and I recently celebrated 20 years in the dog industry and have been involved in every type of job around dog welfare from dog walker, to kennel owner to now trainer and owner of my own canine centre of excellence in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. Until January of this year I had 4 dogs and sadly 3 crossed the rainbow bridge so i just have Cooper who is an adolescent rescue Collie and a bundle of mischief! 

All training I provide, I use what is known as ‘Positive Reinforcement’ methods. This means that we encourage you to reward your dog for positive behaviour instead of punishing it for bad. We don't believe in harsh methods but want fun, easy training methods for the entire family.

I run face to face puppy socialisation and adult dog training classes take place in venues across Northern Ireland and am a Mantrailing Instructor for the Ballyclare and Newtownabbey areas. I am committed to animal welfare and I want to make sure what we are offering is right for your dog and its development needs at the time.

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Book online before Wednesday 8th November 15:00 to secure your spot!

I'm passionate about dog welfare and helping people worldwide make your dog happier and healthier!

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