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5 Easy Steps to Make your Dog happier and Healthier.

Free 5-day Challenge
🐶Would you like to learn the skills in just 5 days to become a much more confident dog parent and have a happier and healthier dog and a more relaxed home?
Are you a fearful 1st time dog owner who isn't sure how to train your dog or what to feed it?
  •  Are you embarrassed being taken out for a walk with your dog rather than you walking them?

  •  Are you fearful to let strangers into your house in case your dog(s) growl and snap at them?

  • Is your dog behaving 'badly' and are frustrated with them and yourself as you don't know what to do?

  • Do you want someone experienced to give you an action plan of what to do?

  •  Do you want your dog to be included in all family and social activities and be a real part of your family?

I know you love your dogs and I want to help you go from a nervous and anxious dog parent to a skilled and confident one who really understands their dog!

This is exactly why I’m running a 5-Day challenge, ‘5 Easy Steps to a Happier and Healthier Dog’ online from the 2nd - 6th October.

In our fun and easy 5 day challenge we will be exploring 5 important topics essential for every dog guardian to understand their companion and make sure that both of you are as confident, happy and fulfilled as you can be!

Each day there are spot prizes available every day for those who take part and a special bonus prize at the end!

In my 20 years experience running face to face and online training classes for puppies and adult dogs, I've discovered that the common behavioural 'problems' we face with our dogs are down to 5 elements:

  1. Not understanding what your dog breed was bred to do and why it's in its DNA to acts as it does (digging/burrowing/running around like a mad thing/herding things etc.)

  2. Not being able to read your dog's body language and what it is trying to tell you seeing that it can't use words.

  3. Poor diet -and dogs being fed too rich or not nutrient rich enough food which effects their energy and mood.

  4. Not mentally stimulating your dog enough. Dogs like humans need a massive amount of mental stimulation and we need to invent fun ways to do that.

  5. Not thinking enough about the environment in which your dog eats, sleeps and lives and what it needs to thrive .

As a dog behaviourist and trainer for the last 20 years I have learnt that dogs can learn a lot but so much of good training relies on you the dog parent (or dog guardians as I like to refer to you as) building a bond with your dog and really understanding them and what makes them tick.

We are calling this a ‘challenge’ but really, it’s a fun family friendly event so your children or anyone in your extended circle who also cares for your dog can join in and learn more about your beloved pooch!

'5 Easy Steps to Make your Dog happier and Healthier'

This will run online in a private Facebook Group and it's free!


Together we’ll be exploring 5 important topics essential for every dog guardian to understand their companion and make sure they are as happy and fulfilled as they can be!

🐾 Understand your breed - Understanding the breeds that make up your dog, learning what each breed was designed to do and how that applies to your dog

🐾 Body language - Recognising body language so you know when your dog is stressed, anxious or happy

🐾 Diet – Knowing the best food to feed your dog, when to feed it and doing a health check

🐾 What makes your dog tick – Learning how to mentally stimulate your dog to prevent boredom and frustration

🐾 Your dog’s environment - Realising what makes a safe environment for your dog

And it's all for FREE!

Press our 'book online' form below and save your spot to get details on how to join the Facebook Group and start the Challenge

It is open to:

  • Dog parents anywhere in the world (replays of the videos are possible whenever suits you)

  • The content is family friendly so anyone in your extended group who has responsibility for caring for your dog can join.

  • All the dogs in your household!

I celebrated 20 years in the dog industry this year. You can read more about that here

Over the past 5 years I have run accredited courses on behalf of Open College Network NI (OCN) and free behavioural sessions in our Gone to the Dogs premises in Ballyclare on subjects such as

  • Teaching our kids and dogs to live in harmony

  • Taking Care of Your Puppy

  • Understanding what makes your dog

but this is a chance to do something fun which can reach a wider audience and come straight into your home virtually! And did I mention there would be a spot prize every day and a super prize at the end?

I'm passionate about dog welfare and helping people worldwide make your dog happier and healthier!

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Canine training and Canine trainer Skills

If you have always wanted to run your own business and be a successful dog trainer, this course is designed to give you all the information you need to run your own classes and your own business. This course is designed to train trainers to a high standard to represent the Robin Bates Dog Training franchise of which I Robin Bates am the Franchise Owner.

This course will be full or half days over a designated period. 

If you are interested also in the 'It's a dog’s life -Principles of training and behaviour from puppy to old age' course, you will be offered this course at a discounted price.

Check out the "Become A Trainer" opportunities by clicking the button below.

Dog Handling for Enforcement Officers

Since 2019, I have been offering accredited dog handling for enforcement officers through intensive day courses which was tailored particularly to their needs. If you are public institution or organisation who employs people who work day to day in some capacity with dogs and need some skills training in a specific area as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) please contact me via contact form to see I can help.