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Do you need a guest speaker on a dog related topic for an upcoming dog event such as a dog conference, workshop or doggie fun event?

I have been now a dog trainer and behaviourist for over 20 years, full time. During my lifetime I have done every dog related job conceivable from dog walker to running dog kennels to participating at Crufts with Airedales for competitive obedience. This has all given me valuable experience and means that I am now a leading dog behaviourist.

I own 3 dogs, Cooper a Collie, Maggie a lurcher, Bill a lab collie cross (all rescues) and oh yes Syd the cat.

I have spoken at several council led events, on the radio and for dog industry experts such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Below you will find some examples

Dog Expert on BBC Radio Ulster interview

On 16th January 2023, I was asked to participate on BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback show with William Crawley on the reasons why dog attack fatalities have increased, and how to avoid these tragedies.

It was a discussion that could go on for hours and it brought up some very interesting points.

Some of the factors that I highlighted were:

  • The effects of covid and under-socialised puppies and how it is important to socialise puppies from homing throughout adolescence.

  • Lack of training for puppies and dogs. Foundational training, ongoing training and mental stimulation are just as important as physical exercise.

  • Dogs becoming territorial and reacting aggressively towards delivery staff and other tradespeople coming to your home.

  • Rehoming or purchasing a breed of dog without properly researching the needs of that specific breed.

If you missed the live interview, you can listen back on BBC Sounds via the link below.

Association of Pet and Dog Trainers (APDT)-'Train Your Dog Month 2023'

For the month of January 2023 Association of Pet and Dog Trainers (APDT) of which I'm a member had 'Train Your Dog Month 2023' in which they asked dog training members from all around the UK to do live interviews on a topic close to their heart. As the proud re-homer of a Collie called Cooper in March 2022, I have discovered a lot about adolescence in the last twelve months so I did a live interview for them on yes, you guessed it Dog Adolescence!

You can listen to my interview and those carried out by other dog trainers on subjects as varied as via APDT's YouTube channel via the link below.

Since beginning my career in the dog industry 15 years ago, I have always taken my professional development seriously and am a full member of the APDT (MAPDT 00775)

If you need an expert to speak at a live face to face or online event just drop me an email to discuss your event topic.

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Delivering workshops

A leading dog expert now with over 20 years experience I ave delivered a number of live workshops for council lead events, have given talks and seminars as well as run educational courses on Practical Dog Handling, Puppy development, and Canine behaviour and training.

If you need someone to run a workshops on scentwork, agility for fun, reactive dogs, leadwork and recall or canine enrichment don't hesitate to reach out to Robin via 'contact us' button below

I have been delivering workshops such as the Adopters workshop for Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary (MAAS) in Antrim, Northern Ireland and as their behaviourist used positive methods to help the dogs find new homes.

Live Interviews with experts in the dog industry

Always keen to embrace new technology and share his dog expertise, I have interviewed other leading experts in the dog industry such as

  • Kay Attwood to talk about mental stimulation

  • Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary to talk about adopting a dog

    You can listen to these interviews and others on Robin Bates YouTube channel under the 'playlist' Interviews with Dog Experts

Upcoming Events

Check out upcoming dog themed events I'm speaking or leading including our 3 free talks at our Gone to the Dogs premises in Ballyclare in March, April and June 2023