What to find out more about becoming a dog trainer with us?

Q. Why should I become a Robin Bates Dog Trainer?

A. Robin Bates Dog Training has been formed by Robin Bates who has many years of experience working with animals.

We have been working together for 4 years developing and improving our puppy and dog training classes.

We have the dog’s welfare at heart and only use kind, effective training methods, positive reinforcement and we want training to be a fun experience for the dogs and owners.

We are looking for like-minded trainers who want the opportunity to run your own business and join our like-minded team.

Q. How successful have your classes been?

A. We have sold out most of our classes throughout the last 2 years pre- pandemic and offered online and outdoor classes during lock down in guidance with the social distancing regulations.

Q. What is the core of the business?

A. The business focuses on animal welfare and our training is positive reinforcement. All of our training is force free and our guiding principles are in line with the Pet Professional guild. Our aim is that puppies and dogs get the best start in life and are trained in the best way possible to survive the modern world.

Q. What is the experience of the Robin Bates Dog Training franchise owners?

A. Robin Bates Dog Training is owned and managed by expert dog trainer Robin Bates. 

Robin has been working for 4 years developing and improving puppy and dog training classes.

Robin Bates has been working with dogs professionally for almost 20 years. He has a wealth of experience working with behavioural problems, taking both puppy and older dog classes. In the past he has worked in rescue, kennels and as a dog walker. 

Q. What are the potential earnings?

A. When you get your classes up and running you should see a return on investment within 6 months. We will help you with marketing and advertising to help you become successful.Potential earnings depend on how many classes you run in your area. After the initial costs there is just the monthly franchise fee and your overheads.

Q. What is the investment level?

A. A Robin Bates Dog Training franchise licence starts from £5,000 

There are three packages, each package will allow you to take as many classes in your designated area as you can.

Silver Package:
  • One designated location

  • £5000 plus £100 per month franchise fee.

Gold Package:
  • Two designated locations

  • £7500 plus £200 per month franchise fee.

Platinum Package:
  • Three designated locations.

  • £10,000 plus £400 per month franchise fee.

You will need to invest time in the training course to qualify for any of the packages.

Q. Do I need to have any additional documentation or qualifications?

A. You will need to have a full clean driving licence and access to a car. You will also need to have full public and professional liability insurance and to register with ICO as a data controller.

Q. Will I get training?

A. Definitely! We want you to become a successful dog trainer sharing the core values and mission of Robin Bates Dog Training. Upon successful screening we will invite you to full day training sessions where we will cover all aspects on how to efficiently run a franchise (including day to day operations/marketing/finance/ dog training course content and material). This course will be accredited by the OCN NI (Open College Network) so you will be an accredited trainer.

Robin Bates Dog Training very much believes in continuous professional development and will promote various additional online and face to face training sessions throughout the year. 

To successfully become a trainer with Robin Bates Dog Training you will be required to complete the training with us to qualify. The training will teach you to train puppies and dogs, to run your own business and to cope with people and speaking in a group.

Q. What support will I get?

A. You will get support from Robin Bates Dog Training Head Office in all aspects of your business including access to online training and a peer support group.

Q. Is there any peer support with other dog trainers?

A. Yes, Robin Bates Dog Training Franchisees will have a private Facebook group, so you have a space and a network to share best practice, knowledge and expertise. Once a year we will aim to have a conference where all the nationwide franchisees can meet together.

Q. What happens if there is another lock down?

A. You will have access to online courses we have already created and will guide you if you would like to create your own.

Q. What do I get for my fee?

A. You will have a bespoke territory, full training to help you and full support from Robin Bates Dog Training Head Office team when you need it as well as a branded uniform and your bespoke class plans to teach your clients.

Q. What are Robin Bates Dog Training looking for in a trainer?

A. We are looking for enthusiastic trainers who have some knowledge of positive training methods and experience working with different animals.  We are looking for individuals who share our ethos on animal welfare and want training to be a fun experience for both the dogs and owners.

Q. If I am interested in becoming a trainee what is the next step?

A. Fill in the form 'Interested in becoming a dog trainer' on our website available here. If you are a suitable fit, we will invite you to stage 2=phone interview. If successful we will then invite you to stage 3= interview with the owner of Robin Bates Dog Training franchise. If you are accepted, we will invite you to take part in an intensive training process where we will cover all aspects on how to efficiently run your business. Only upon successful completion of this course we will give you your franchisee pack and start you on your franchisee journey. If any stage, we don’t deem you a suitable fit to become a franchise we will inform you in writing.

Q. Do I need to have experience in training dogs?

A. Yes, it is preferable that you have at least 1 years’ experience in training or working with dogs, that you are a dog and people lover and are comfortable training and instructing adults and animals in a classroom environment.

Q. Are there Robin Bates Dog Training franchises all over UK/Ireland

A. We are starting with recruitment in NI/ROI and then branching to mainland UK. If you think your area would benefit from a Robin Bates Dog Training class then let us know!

Q. How many franchise locations are available in the UK and where are they?

A. We are starting in Northern Ireland and we will carefully map out franchise locations so there is a good geographical spread. If you visit the 'become a trainer' page on our website you will see the areas we currently have available

But if you are in an area not mentioned above and think there is a high demand for puppy and dog training please feel free to let us know. 

Q. How do I pick a territory?

A. You can indicate to us if there is an area in which you would like to become a dog trainer in. It may be somewhere where you have good connections already with groups/training venues/other companies related to animal welfare.

Q. What do I get for my franchise fee?

A. Our new owner franchise package includes:

  • Franchise licence, operating system and manuals

  • Website with integrated booking system

  • Facebook page setup for dedicated location

  • Initial marketing materials (logo/branding/content ideas)

  • PR Programme

  • Support in finding a suitable training venue and negotiating terms

  • Detailed face to face training with access to online training materials

  • Branded Robin Bates Dog Training uniform

  • Course content for dog training courses (class notes/ end of class certificate template/training on how to send course notes out)

Q. What makes Robin Bates Dog Training different?

Recently there has been a large increase in dog ownership and training and dog care has become a growing industry. At Robin Bates Dog Training we are at the forefront of training using positive, reward based training. Our success is based on our knowledge and systems in place to train puppies and dogs to be ready for the world we live in. We are committed to the welfare and positive training of dogs and helping owners maintain a good long lasting relationship with their dogs.