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Robin Bates Training classes take place in venues across Northern Ireland and offer positive reward training for puppies and dogs. With years of experience, our expert trainers will ensure you build a long-lasting and good relationship with your dog - the welfare and happiness of your dog is our focus. 

Over 21 years experience, estimated 15,000 dogs and puppies trained, 5 star reviews and guest on BBC Radio Ulster and written online courses and a book available on Amazon Kindle.

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Want to be a confident dog owner with the happiest and healthiest dog ever? Check out the Services we offer

You love your dog and want the best for it don't you? All of us at Robin Bates Dog Training are committed to animal welfare too and we want to make sure what we are offering is right for your dog and its development needs at the time.

  • Are you a new dog owner and are very nervous or unsure about how to train your new dog?

  • Or a seasoned owner who is always looking to enrich your dog's life?

  • Or the new dog parent to a rescued or rehomed dog that needs some specialised training and attention?

We have different services that you can book depending on the age of your pet and the issues you want to resolve. If you are unsure how we can help or have a specific question. please contact us via our website contact form, or call 07730941989

5-week indoor Group Training Classes for Puppies and Dogs

Want to help your puppy or older dog socialise with others in a small learning class environment face-to-face with a group of dog owners and their pets (maximum number of participants= 8).

Check out the dates and availability of our 5-week indoor Puppy socialisation classes (suitable for puppies from 2nd vaccination up to 25 weeks) and Adult Dog Training Classes in a location convenient to you, by following the link below ‘book a class’.

See images of our satisfied class graduates

Tailored one-to-one support

Are you experiencing certain behavioural issues with your puppy (separation anxiety, aggression, fears or phobias) and prefer that we come to your home to assess the situation and provide a solution? Or would you simply prefer some foundation training in your environment instead of attending a class?

Read more about our one-to-one behavioral visits

Online Training courses

Would you like to learn the skills to help your puppy socialise with others but because of the nature of your job/health/where you are located you can't attend face-to-face classes? Or do you want to learn some skills before your puppy has its 2nd vaccination and can attend face-to-face classes? Then read more about our 3 online courses.

Tailored Courses

Are you interested in learning more about dog behaviour and training? Or thinking of changing careers to work with dogs? Want to make sure you are investing in a course that is run by professionals with proven experience, who are renowned dog behaviourists and trainers already?

Since 2019, I have been offering accredited dog handling for enforcement officers through intensive day courses that were tailored particularly to their needs. If you are a public institution or organisation that employs people who work day to day in some capacity with dogs and need some skills training in a specific area as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) please contact me via the contact form to see if I can help.

Over the past 5 years, I have run accredited courses on behalf of Open College Network NI (OCN) and behavioural sessions in our Gone to the Dogs premises in Ballyclare on subjects such as

·         Teaching our kids and dogs to live in harmony

·         Taking Care of Your Puppy

·         Understanding what makes your dog

Need a Speaker?

Do you need a guest speaker on a dog-related topic for an upcoming dog event such as a dog conference, workshop or doggie fun event?

Check out events I have spoken at or organised here

Meet Robin

I Robin started training my Airedale terrier, Cassie, in a dog club and after a few years became an instructor. I was later part of the Northern Ireland Obedience Team and competed in Crufts with his Airedale terrier Poppy.

In 2023 I celebrated my 20th anniversary in the dog industry, and you can read all about my journey below

During my 20 years in the dog training and behaviourist business, I have run training classes teaching foundation skills for puppies and adult dogs, worked in rescue, managed kennels and day-care, worked on a one-to-one basis with behavioural problems, dog walked for training and socialisation, offered workshops and seminars, and taught accredited courses for people who are interested in becoming dog trainers or who already work with dogs and want to increase their skills and knowledge.

During this time, I have continually kept up to date with my education and new research and practices, which is vital for continued success and development.

Committed to the welfare of dogs and passionate about their care, I also offer home visits for Barnados and Lucy's Trust and am currently a Board member of Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary.

I'm the proud owner of Cooper the rescue Collie and Syd the cat. Call 07730941989

Read our Ebook

I'm also the author of ‘How to Train Your Puppy with all the Skills It Needs to be Healthy and Happy in just 5 weeks’

Transform your pup into the perfect companion with our must-have ebook

·         Respond positively to their name

·         Stay focused on you

·         Come back when called

·         Walk nicely on a lead

·         Socialize like a pro

·         Have a blast with mental stimulation activities!

·         Say goodbye to puppy chaos and hello to a well-behaved, joy-filled one

Get your copy now and start the journey to a harmonious bond!

Robin Bates

Become a Trainer

Have you always wanted to own your business? Do you love working with animals? Then joining Robin Bates Dog Training could be for you! We offer flexible hours and the opportunity to build a business with our packages and support. If interested check out the link below and see the options we have available in your area.

We know that dog training can seem overwhelming and that is why no matter what training option you chose to do we also have a support network called the Happy and Healthy Dog Society

A dog training Society is a good option for anyone who wants to train their dog but doesn't have the time or resources to attend traditional training classes. It is also a good option for dog owners who want access to the support and expertise of certified dog trainers.

Sign up for our Happy and Healthy Dog Society today and start training your dog like a pro! Don't wait any longer -unleash your dog's full potential today.

You will get 🐶 24/7 support from a dog behaviourist with 20 YEARS of experience, so you never feel alone in your journey! Press on the button below to learn more

Dog Biscuits

Gone to the dogs

Gone to the dogs is Robin and Donna Bingham and is our behaviour and training centre in Ballyclare where we run puppy and dog training classes and we run Doggy Daycare and have a private field to rent in Ballyrobert. 161 Ballyrobert Road Co Antrim beside Pets at The Howlin' Call Robin :07730941989.

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