Getting Ready For Firework Season


Thu 1st Oct 2020

If you have a dog who is frightened or a puppy who has never encountered fireworks now is the time to start preparing them for this time of the year.

It is difficult to train for this season as it only predictably happens at Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and maybe New Year’s Eve.

There are things we can do to start to desensitise them to at least the noises.

Desensitisation, simply, is getting the dog used to something they do not like paired with something good.

In the case of fireworks we can use sound CDs with firework recordings or YouTube videos of firework displays.

  • Play the recording at a low volume while you are playing with your dog so the dog is focused on you while ignoring the background noise.

  • It doesn’t have to be during play it can be while they are eating, training or working through a canine enrichment session.

  • Each day practice this gradually increasing the volume, if the volume is too loud and your dog is worried start again with a low volume.

  • Also as well as gradually increasing the volume make sure the speakers are set in different locations so the sound is coming from different directions.

It is essential to start this process as soon as possible as it will take time to desensitise them.

Young puppies often do not worry about fireworks, however older ones and noise sensitive older dogs will need as much preparation as you can to keep Halloween as stress free as possible.

Start today as this is a gradual process and will take time and patience.

Let us know how you get on!