Mastering Dog Training & Behaviour Online Course. 10 week course starting 3rd April 2024

By AlisonRobin

Fri 23rd Feb 2024
  • Are you a dog loving individual interested in pursuing a career as a professional dog trainer or behaviour consultant?

  • A current dog trainer looking to expand your knowledge and skills in positive reinforcement training and behaviour modification?

  •  A dog parent or enthusiast seeking to deepen your understanding of canine behaviour  and improve your training techniques.

Check out our comprehensive online course ‘Mastering Dog Training and Behaviour’

This will run for 10 weeks starting on April 3rd 3-5pm and will be conducted online with Robin Bates -dog behaviourist who is renowned for teaching only positive reinforcement methods. If you can’t make it every week don’t worry the sessions will be recorded and you can catch up in your own time. Material will also be shared every week.

This comprehensive online course is designed to equip potential dog trainers with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to understand canine behaviour, implement effective training methods, and foster positive relationships between dogs and their owners. 

Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical exercises, participants will gain insight into dog psychology, behaviour modification strategies, and the principles of positive reinforcement training.

Course Objectives: 

1. Understand the fundamentals of canine behaviour , including communication signals, social structures, and common behavioural issues.

2. Learn the principles of positive reinforcement training and how to apply them effectively in various training scenarios.

3. Develop proficiency in using rewards-based methods to modify undesirable behaviours and encourage desired ones.

4. Explore techniques for addressing specific behavioural problems such as aggression, fearfulness, and separation anxiety.

5. Gain practical experience in designing and implementing training plans tailored to individual dogs and their owners' needs.

6. Learn how to effectively communicate with clients and provide them with guidance and support in managing their dog's behaviour .

7. Understand the ethical considerations and professional standards associated with dog training and behaviour  consulting.

All training will be based on using positive reinforcement and NO harsh methods.

Spaces are limited so please book through the website.

The full course price is £1200 and we will take £400 upfront as a deposit and then the remainder by week 5 of the course.

After booking, you will receive full module details of the class and the link to join online each week.  Emails will be sent from Please check your spam/junk mail folder if you do not receive this within 3 days or alternatively, add this address to your contacts in advance.

Terms and Conditions

Refunds on booked classes or workshops will be reviewed at the discretion of the trainer on a case-to-case basis.

Cancellations will not be granted after the course start date.

If you have made a mistake in the date of class booked or want to change to an alternative course date for mitigating circumstances, please email Robin immediately after booking