Simple Tips to Meet Your Dogs Needs

By Neil Irwin

Wed 25th Nov 2020

When getting or considering getting a dog or puppy we need to consider all aspects of care for the life of the dog.

As well as the costs financially and time invested in training, grooming, vet care, insurance etc we also need to ask ourselves can we properly meet their needs.

Often dogs will display some behavioural issues if we do not meet their needs and these can be met without much expense.

Small Dog


This is important, walks need to be regular, daily and what is appropriate for your dog. Older dogs need less walks and shorter distances as do the brachycephalic dogs like pugs and French bulldogs who can have breathing difficulties. Puppies can be walked but keep the walks short as they are growing up and developing. Some dogs are happy running but many breeds will not enjoy it and would rather stop and sniff than do the endurance running.

Try not to do an extra long walk at the weekend, this can be a physical strain if the dog is not fit enough.


Dogs need a regular diet with good quality dog food.

There are many different brands, research online, there are impartial comparison sites. Dogs will benefit from dry complete food. If they eat it too quickly they are not chewing and  digesting properly, consider using a slow bowl or puzzle feeder.

Dogs should also eat when food is available and not spend the day grazing, set it down for 15 minutes, if the dog does not want it; lift it until next mealtime.

Play and training:

Both vital for mental stimulation and using the brain in a more positive way. Reward based training and fun play can build a bond between you and the dog, also canine enrichment helps use their brain.

Many working dogs will relish daily training and enrichment as they can become frustrated if they are bored. This can be displayed as destruction, vocalisation and other inappropriate behaviours.


All dogs need plenty of sleep.

This should be encouraged, they can sleep up to 18/ 20 hours a day. You know what we are like without enough sleep. Some dogs are attached to us and follow us around, this is not giving the dog proper sleep as they are watching you all the time. Training them to settle while you move around the house will help.

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