Top 10 Tips for Autumn with your dog!

By Alison

Fri 27th Oct 2023

🍂 Keep on top of your flea treatments.

🍂 Be careful of oak leaves or acorns lying on the ground or in puddles – they are toxic and can give your dog a very bad belly!

🍂 Autumn nights means more walks in the dark, so consider a light for your dog's collar.

🍂 Consider investing in a coat for your dog for the winter - especially if they are a shorter haired breed prone to feeling the cold.

🍂 Don’t be tempted to give your dog too many table scraps, especially if they are fatty. Remember turkey and chicken bones can splinter so NEVER let your dog have them, they can be a severe choking hazard.

🍂 With the walking weather being less predictable than in the summer it is tricky to maintain a healthy weight for your dog. Consider some lower calorie treats, or creating some indoor games.

🍂 Many animals like hedgehogs are looking for a nice cosy place to hibernate and it's advisable that you discourage any interest your dog may show, not only can the spikes prove painful to their snout, but they are also known for carrying fleas.

🍂 As Christmas approaches this is the time for sweets and other treats, many of which prove very harmful to dogs – never let your dog eat chocolate or raisins and if they do contact your vet immediately.

🍂 Make sure Antifreeze is stored way out of reach

🍂 Allergies can increase at this time of year, so if you notice your dog scratching more don’t automatically think fleas. A nice warm bath may help and if not, book them in for a quick check up with the vet!

And remember this time of year is a fantastic time to build a bond with your dog by doing enrichment exercises together and you can even make your own enrichment toys from household items which will keep you both out of mischief!

We are running an 'Paws and Play' Masterclass online on November 8th 17:30-18:30 to show you how to do that and you can find out more and book your space by clicking 'read more' below.

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