Treats For Training


Sun 24th Jan 2021
Dog Biscuits

When training our dogs we often use food treats, this is because when using positive reinforcement we use small, tasty treats to reinforce behaviour. The treats reinforce the behaviour we have just taught the dog.

Treats can be used for training and makes the training more fun for the dog.

Ideally treats should be soft and smelly and something your dog likes to keep your dog motivated. Treats like liver cake, cheese, chicken, tuna cake all in small portions like the size of a pea will be enough for each reward.

Some treats do not agree with all dogs’ so test and see what works. Some dogs are not food orientated, but there will be something that will motivate your dog.

If used correctly, your dog will not get fat as training sessions should be short and fun, if you are worried you can cut the main meals down a little bit.

Use food to teach your dog new exercises and the higher the value the better. Also training in new locations will require high value treats to motivate your dog to focus on you. High value treats are a great way to teach your dog new exercises, tricks and have fun, treats are rewards and will boost your dogs confidence as they are getting paid.

What's your dog's favourite training treat?

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