What do you want to attract into your life?

By Alison

Wed 30th Nov 2022

Making a difference to the lives of dogs & their owners with Robin Bates Dog Trainer

I am delighted to have been a guest on Evelyn McAleer's podcast series ''Effortless Attraction' talking about yes you guessed it dogs! You can have a listen here and all of Evelyn's podcasts series 'Effortless Attraction'

I spoke about my 20+ years of experience as a professional dog trainer to share helpful insights on the importance of preparing your home for a new dog, choosing the correct dog for the owner, and online programs for existing dog owners that will help make a difference to the dog and owner’s life

Evelyn firmly believes that 'Effortless Attraction' is possible in all areas of our lives- Relationships, Finances, Health, Work, Community, Family. She is the Author of three books, Mentor, Presenter, Podcaster & Life Coach from Ireland. You can support her channel by becoming a paid subscriber & receiving more inspirational podcasts. Spotify listeners use this link : https://anchor.fm/evelyn-mcaleer/subscribe Apple listeners the link is below the icon. https://linktr.ee/Evelynmcaleer