10 Tips to Keep Your Canine Buddy Cool

By Alison

Mon 30th May 2022

10 Tips to Keep Your Canine Buddy Cool

Summer is around the corner and we need to care for our dogs in the warm weather.

We forget that we humans can take some of our clothes off to cool down but our dogs are stuck with a fur coat which keeps them warm in winter and summer.

It is important to keep your dogs cool and change your routine to ensure they are not out in the midday sun. Dogs overheat really quickly especially in hot cars and conservatories.

Common sense will tell us to provide shade, water and cool places to go when needed.

If your dog does overheat you will see restlessness, pacing, panting and dogs sweat through their feet so you will see damp footprints.

(is your dog searching out cool places in the house like bathroom tiles?)

Here are our 10 top tips to make sure your canine buddy stays cool in hotter periods (lots of these points apply to humans too!):

1. Keep your dog groomed regularly and maintain the coat

2. Walk in cooler periods of day preferably early morning/late evening

3. Keep car windows partially down for ventilation

Do not leave your dogs in the car in hot weather!

4. Carry a collapsible water bowl and have a bottle of water to hand when out walking

5. Set up/move your dog’s bed to somewhere cool in the house

6. Make sure there is fresh drinking water available at all time

7. Don’t over exercise your pet and be wary of hot footpaths

8. Short coated dogs can get sunburnt but you can use suntan lotion on ears, noses and faces

9. Do not leave your dog in a conservatory

10. Do not leave food out all day as it will go off.

If you think your dog is overheating, provide cooling mats and if you think they may have heat stroke consult your vet, wrap your dog in a damp towel to slowly and safely cool your dog down, provide room temperature water and a safe place to rest.

Feel free to share any of your cooling down tips with us by commenting below on posting on our Facebook page.

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