6 Tips to Keep Your Canine Buddy Warm when Temperatures Drop

By Alison

Thu 19th Jan 2023
Mylo the Schnauzer out walking in the snow in Ballyclare Northern  Ireland Jan 2023

Taking Care of your dogs in the winter.

Our dogs can feel the effects of winter as much as we do.

Here are our 6 top tips to make sure your dogs are warm and happy during the colder temperatures. This applies at any time of year!

1.     Consider the breed of your pet and how cold resistant they are.

Dogs that are more susceptible to the cold are those with single thinner coats like Greyhounds, Boxers and Weimaraners. These dogs will feel extreme cold.

Dogs with thicker coats like Labradors will feel the cold lesser but will need some care. Huskies and the northern breeds were bred for colder conditions and should be fine in cold weather.

The smaller dogs also feel the cold as they are closer to the ground. And should be protected as they have short legs, and their tummies can get cold.

2.     Invest in a properly fitting dog coat

We can put on extra layers to keep us warm, our dogs do not have the same choice, so it is up to us to protect them.

We can buy them warm coats, there are plenty of shapes and sizes that are both waterproof and fleece lined.

Good advice is to go to your local pet shop and get your coat fitted to make sure it fits properly, and that your dog is comfortable wearing the coat.

3.     Be mindful of your dog’s age and existing health conditions.

Be mindful also of your dog’s age and if they have any injuries or arthritis. These dogs will feel the cold more. Helpful tips are to keep walks shorter, avoid slippery areas where they can injure hips and joints. This also goes for the healthy and younger dogs to prevent injury and arthritis later in life.


4.     Protect your Dog’s Paws

Dogs will all feel the cold on their feet so perhaps shorten the walks and make sure the feet are cleaned and dried after their walks. Dogs will also feel the effects of hypothermia and frostbite so make sure they are kept in a warm place and dry them off after a walk.

If you are able walk your dog at the least coldest part of the day and why not go out with other dog walkers and make it sociable during the winter months?

5.     Clean your Dog’s body and legs

In the snow some of the hairier dogs will gather snow on their legs, you can gently brush this out and make sure snowy legs and bodies are clean and dry. Practice gentle handling to ensure your dog enjoys handling and trusts hands.

Be wary of grit used to clear roads and pavements and be mindful to wash this off after a walk as it can be harmful and toxic if they lick it off.

Dogs love the snow at all ages, and it is fun to watch them but be mindful that they do get cold and need to be warm and dry immediately after.

6.     Consider the best ways to exercise your dog

If your dog loves swimming stop this until the weather is warmer and if they are swimming, make sure they are thoroughly dried after to keep them warm. and the coats dry. especially next to the skin.


Our dogs deserve to be looked after in the winter so look after them!

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