Up for a challenge 2nd-6th Oct 2023 to understand how to make your dog happier and healthier in just 5 days?

By Alison

Tue 11th Jul 2023

As dog parents we all like to think we know our dog well but would you like to learn over 5 days , 5 easy steps to make your dog happier and healthier and have a more relaxed environment all round?

As dog parents its our duty to give our dogs the best life possible!

I'm Robin Bates the host of this 5-Day Challenge running 2nd-6th October 2023. I'm a dog guardian myself to Cooper my rescue Collie ( you can read more about our journey here) and Syd the Cat

I have worked in the dog industry for over 20 years as a kennel owner, dog walker and as a dog behaviourist and dog trainer but I've never run a challenge.

So I'm now very excited to run one now called the '5 easy steps to make your dog happier and healthier' !

Over the 5 days we will cover the following topics:

  • Day 1 -Understanding Your Dog Breed

    What each breed was designed to do and how that applies to your dog

  • Day 2 -Body Language

    Recognising body language so you know when your dog is stressed, anxious or happy

  • Day 3 -Diet

    Knowing the best food to feed your dog, when to feed it and doing a health check

  • Day 4 -What Makes Your Dog Tick

    Learning what motivates your dog and what doesn't

  • Day 5 -Dog's Environment

    Realising what makes a safe environment for your dog

The aim of this challenge is so that you can learn what what to expect from your dog and fulfill their needs.

We start 2nd October so don't delay!

If you haven't signed up already please do so using the link below.