Looking for dog friendly accommodation this vacation?

By Alison

Thu 20th Jul 2023

Is your dog an extension of your human family? If so, taking a holiday without them just seems wrong, doesn’t it?

Luckily over the years accommodation providers have realised the importance for pet owners to travel with their companion and there are a host of dog friendly sites now. Looking for some inspiration for dog friendly hotels, cottages or apartments on the island of Ireland? Check out the following links:

Discover Northern Pet Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Cottages NI

Holiday Lettings NI

Lastminute Cottages NI

40 Hotels in Ireland that allow dogs

Dream Ireland Holiday Homes

and Booking.com and Airbnb both let you filter by dog friendly accommodation.

Whether you are visiting Northern Ireland or are a local and have decided to avoid the long travel queues in airports or a trip in the car and prefer a stay cation there are some fantastic places to walk with your pal and to get a lovely treat (shush don’t say the word too loudly!) afterwards:

Dog friendly walks and places to stay


Dog friendly cafes


This is one of Robin's (and Maggie's!) favourite dog walking places-Cave Hill Country Park ,Belfast

Have an adventurous spirit and what to travel abroad AND look after someone else's pets? check out site https://www.trustedhousesitters.com/

If you are travelling by ferry from Northern Ireland to the mainland ferry companies like StenaLine offer several possibilities for pet travel including 1) booking your companion into a kennel 2) taking them on onboard in their new pet friendly lounge or 3) keeping them inside your car. Check out their website to find out more details.

StenaLine Pet Friendly Exercise Deck Area

P&O also let you travel with up to 4 pets in a car for free. Check out more about their pet friendly policies here.

Temperatures here even in Northern Ireland are hotting up these days so make sure to read our last BLOG with tips to keep your canine buddy cool.

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